Help us help animals in need! We started this company 10 years ago because of our love for animals and we are always looking for ways to help all those animals out there in need!

We are constantly looking to donate our products to animals in shelters, rescue leagues, etc. and we need your help! Simply send us an organization or location you know that is in need of collars, leashes, catnip toys, etc. for all of those dogs and cats that are looking for new homes. We want to make sure they have what they need whether it be while they are waiting for a good home or have a new home that they are heading out to and need to look sharp and have the necessary items for their new home!

Once we have your recommendations, we will send items, as it is available. Remember, all dogs and cats deserve to look good in a new collar, leash, etc. so lets help them out. Thank you!

Please note, we will not always have items to donate so please be patient if your suggestion does not get sent. We will try our best to donate items fairly to all suggested locations and we will do so as we have product available to donate which is undetermined.

We are pleased to announce that with the help and suggestions of our customers CritterGear has donated to several locations in just the past few months! Keep sending in your suggestions so we can be sure to donate and provide items to all those animals out the in need.